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  • adj. Resembling moss or some aspect of it.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

moss +‎ -like


  • The children had short, mosslike hair with tiny star-shaped flowers.

    Crimson Wind

  • Even the sparse wiry mountain grass was gone from the rocky hillsides now, and the only vegetation was a thick, dry, mosslike growth, or tough lichens.

    The Outstretched Shadow

  • Though there was no beach, the mosslike ground cover that grew down to the water's edge provided comfortable padding beneath their backs.

    Flinx's Folly

  • Even the mosslike ground cover over which they had spread their blanket was black and shriveled.

    Flinx's Folly

  • On any healthy world, the plant life would have obscured it long ago, but here there were only patches of the mosslike growth they had seen elsewhere and the softening of the edges by ten years of weather.


  • Patches of mosslike vegetation covered some of the hilltops, growing mostly on the rotting remains of long-dead trees and grasses.


  • His size increased, and the mosslike growth from his head and shoulders that served for hair grew in thicker and more luxurious.


  • Before them, beyond a stretch of mosslike lawn and a broad sandy beach, rolled the sea, brilliantly blue, with the waves curling dazzlingly white.

    Elsie Marley, Honey

  • Underfoot, the mosslike stuff was soft and yielding, and there was a fragrance in the air unlike anything he had ever smelled.


  • I found myself lying prone upon a bed of yellowish, mosslike vegetation which stretched around me in all directions for interminable miles.

    A Princess of Mars


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