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  • n. The main, central lode of a natural resource, near which smaller deposits of the same ore etc. exist.
  • n. The main prize, best cut or pick etc. by far, dwarfing all others.


From mother +‎ lode. (Wiktionary)


  • US intelligence network aims to put heat on al-Qa'ida US intelligence will seek to achieve in the coming weeks "information dominance" over the al-Qa'ida network - taking advantage of what officials have called a "motherlode" of data found at Osama bin Laden's compound in Abbottabad.

    The Australian | News |

  • While hedge funds target what Marathon Asset Management LP co-founder Bruce Richards calls the "motherlode" of distressed investing, insurers are focusing on forced sales of higher- quality, longer-term assets, such as mortgage loans. -- Top News

  • This is what you might call the motherlode location when it comes to kid-friendly activities.

    News/local from

  • The weather has been very dry for BC this summer, but we have had a couple of good rains lately, so we were hopeful that we might find some beauties in our friends' wood-- they have the "motherlode" of chanterelle hunting on their property.


  • Sam carrying boards from the "motherlode" of fence dump sites back to my vehicle.


  • Our friends Jane and Matzuki have the "motherlode" of chanterelle patches and, fortunately for us, pick more than they can use!

    Archive 2007-08-01

  • Republic and found a "motherlode" of more than 125000, as yet unaffected by Ebola virus or hunting. - Business News

  • The Wildlife Conservation Society surveyed for western lowland gorillas in northern Congo Republic and found a "motherlode" of more than 125000, as yet unaffected by Ebola virus or hunting. - Business News

  • Marxist Carl Davidson, a friend of Obama, said my column was the "motherlode," meaning that we had connected the dots between Jones and Obama himself, and that scrutiny of Jones would lead to Obama.

    Accuracy In Media

  • Overall, we got a motherlode of chocolates (thanks to Aaron who traded his chocolate for any non-chocolate treats!) for me to enjoy vicariously ♥

    2009 November « Bodhicitta


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