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  • adj. Having a rigid, repetitive, driving 4/4 beat, as in krautrock.


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  • Dinger (RIP) may be gone, but his legacy and "motorik" beat will live on.

    Word Magazine - Comments

  • The band's name, meanwhile, is also an unusual choice, given that "motorik" is synonymous in music circles with the mechanical rhythms preferred by electronically inclined German bands.

    Colorado Springs Independent

  • "motorik," the steady, driving 4/4 beat that Klaus Dinger made into the rhythmic signature of

    RVA Magazine Articles

  • So the Thin White Duke is with us once more, throwing darts in lovers 'eyes, pursuing his interest in the Gnostic myth of the Fall, bridging the gap between Philly soul and the motorik sounds of Kraftwerk and Neu! and subsisting on a diet of milk and cocaine to the point at which essaying a Nazi salute on the platform of Victoria station might feel like a good idea ...

    Why there will never be another David Bowie

  • They share DNA at a biological level – bassist Huw Webb is brother to Rhys Webb of the Horrors – and at a musical one, with the baleful voice of Thomas Cohen – echoing Richard Butler of the Psychedelic Furs, a key influence on the last Horrors album – laid over swirling synths and occasional motorik rhythms.

    SCUM : Again Into Eyes – review

  • Bassist Geoff Graham's propulsive bass lines were the foundation for most songs, combining with drummer Abe Sanders for a relaxing motorik on "Blue & Silver" and "Holy Water," recalling British drone rockers Electrelane, another one of those "overlooked" bands of a few years ago.

    In concert: Lower Dens at Millennium Stage

  • It's an infinitely more straightforward pop album than someone approaching it after reading Head On might expect, and Kilimanjaro gleams with concise jewels – only Sleeping Gas's cyclical motorik bassline hints at the weirdness to come.

    The Teardrop Explodes: Kilimanjaro: Deluxe Edition

  • River Run, the title track of their self-produced debut EP, features a driving neo-motorik pulse, handclaps, soothing vocals and the sort of playing they used to call, back when such things mattered, "tight".

    Sunbirds (No 810)

  • At just under five minutes, "Motorbike" is easily one of the shortest songs by motorik rockers Wooden Shijps.

    Clicky shuffle: Random songs for Thursday morning

  • Among the record's 13 tracks is a thundering, motorik version of The Saints 'misanthropic 1977 single

    The Fall


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