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  • n. a female instigator or cause of something


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A post-classical Latin female form of classical Latin motor ("motor"). It is used as the feminine form of motor ("(he) that moves") in neo-Latin, as in the original of Newton's Laws of Motion: proportionalem esse vi motrici impressae ‘is proportional to the motive force applied’ formed on the agentive suffix: -tor (masculine) / -trix (feminine).


  • It is at this level that bodies and their phenomenal properties, such as extension, the force of inertia, and motor force (vis motrix), are described in mechanistic terms.

    Christian Wolff

  • According to Gassendi, the universe requires the existence of God who not only created it but gave its constituent atoms a vis motrix or motive force which provides for motion and by which Gassendi's God regulates the world.

    Dictionary of the History of Ideas

  • And therefore the quantity of matter in gold was to the quantity of matter in the wood as the action of the motive force (or vis motrix) upon all the gold to the action of the same upon all the wood -- that is, as the weight of the one to the weight of the other: and the like happened in the other bodies.

    A History of Science: in Five Volumes. Volume II: The Beginnings of Modern Science

  • I often thought — so grateful for the smallest service rendered in an arena where ingratitude sometimes seems to be the _vis motrix_ of life — a truly lovable man, if ever there was one.

    Old Familiar Faces

  • You will not find it so elsewhere, and if you do not want to have the vis motrix that controls you, gravely suspected, be a little more respectful for the future in your deportment toward specifics.

    A Controversy Between "Erskine" and "W. M." on the Practicability of Suppressing Gambling.

  • Vis inertis pugnat cum vi motricc; ergo fi darur in corporibus vis motrix, non diktur vis tnertis*

    Francisci Tessanek ... Elementa physicae

  • - in iHis gcnicura fi a vi fcficncc fpcculaccinrccognitaimpulir „ motrix facultas originarctur. fcd quod dclcdabilc mouct ap - nifi quod tactu particcps eii: nam nojmmutanccm vitalitcr ctiammcdium, perquod dcfe - runturfpecics/ufcipit.

    Antoniana Margarita: opus nempe physicis, medicis ac theologis non minus ...


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