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  • n. The state or quality of being mouldy.


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mouldy +‎ -ness


  • There was a lean, saturnine lieutenant in the R.N.V.R. there that she knew as Mouldy James; she was not sure if the mouldiness was his nature or whether it meant that he had specialised in torpedoes.

    In Spite of Their Declaration of Bombs

  • A day or two before, the Scotch Gardener had brought Saxon to see us, and a new kind of mouldiness that had got into his grape vines to show to John.

    Mary's Meadow; and Letters From a Little Garden

  • Although she had been lying in the strong sunshine, the flesh was quite good, when we had scraped away a little mouldiness.

    The South Pole~ The Return to Framheim

  • I went to the Auction Room in question, and I found it entirely empty of everything but echoes and mouldiness, with the single exception of

    Doctor Marigold

  • Having found such a volume it was left about in the dust, on the stove, on the ground, in the kitchen, and even in what the clerks called the “chamber of deliberations”; and thus it obtained a mouldiness to delight an antiquary, cracks of aged dilapidation, and broken corners that looked as though the rats had gnawed them; also, the gilt edges were tarnished with surprising perfection.

    A Start in Life

  • All the empty casks I have smelt in the cellars inspected are impregnated with bad odours, which are not detected by the majority of the owners, in consequence of having accustomed their olfactory organs to the predominant odour of mouldiness in their cellars, and so they are unable to detect if the odour of their casks is healthy or not.

    The Art of Living in Australia

  • The appliances required for winemaking are all round badly preserved, and are covered with mouldiness and dust.

    The Art of Living in Australia

  • They lived without employment remote from the apartments, slept at night in the gardens, ate the refuse from the kitchens, — a human mouldiness vegetating in the shadow of the palace.


  • A cottony mouldiness extended round its head; and in the corners of its eyelids might be seen little red specks which appeared to move.


  • No change in their conditions enabled him to produce one species, much less a genus, of mouldiness in preference to another, by any change in the infusions employed by him.

    Life: Its True Genesis


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