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  • n. A circular cut, often composed of a parry, usually prime or seconde, moving thence into a circular cut.
  • n. The drum upon which the rope is wound in a capstan, crane, etc.
  • n. A machine formerly used for bending a crossbow by winding it up.

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  • n. The drum or roller of a capstan, crane, etc.
  • n. A form of windlass used for bending the great crossbow. See cranequin, and cut in preceding column.
  • n. A kind of turnstile.
  • n. A circular swing of a sword or saber.


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French moulinet, diminutive of moulin ("a mill").


  • I’ve read conflicting reports on its invention, some say it was the Spanish who invented it in the 1700s (basing it on a similar French tool called a moulinet) while others say the Mayans created it.

    Mexican hot chocolate and a molinillo | Homesick Texan

  • Max's head obliquely by the terrible sweep of a "moulinet," made to break the force of the annihilating stroke Max aimed at him.

    The Celibates

  • He attempted a "moulinet," and twirled his sabre with the dexterity of

    The Celibates

  • Terry -- I've read about the French's influence on Mexican cuisine -- there's also some debate over which came first, the molinillo or the moulinet.

    Cinco de Mayo? Yo tengo tinga! | Homesick Texan

  • This was accompanied with that significant flourish with his pole which is called le moulinet, because the artist, holding it in the middle, brandishes the two ends in every direction like the sails of a windmill in motion.

    Quentin Durward

  • I've been forgetting to take my daily cod liver oil tablets recently, but I didn't realise until I heard a worrying series of clicks and crunches coming from my shoulder and elbow when I was running through the moulinet sequence at fencing last night.

    Archive 2005-05-01

  • It was a little nerve wracking to start with and I dropped some points on basic stuff and muffed the random attack sequence identification but I recovered on the cuts and the moulinet sequence.

    Duelling scars

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    Feeling all gooey inside

  • Next, from the wall he took down a cross-bow, and from a corner a moulinet for winding it.


  • And with this Uncle Issy pulled off his cap and waved it round his head, thereby shedding a _moulinet_ of raindrops full in the faces of his comrades around.

    Wandering Heath


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