mountain-sized love


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  • The overarching thing that's great about the SCBWI, though, is that it gives everyone who already knows their way around the industry a place to send newbies instead of trying to give the uninitiated several mountain-sized clues oneself.

    Far From the Madding Slush

  • Because Condi, Milliband, and that tall German whatsisname guy with an unkempt moustache would not be all up in our faces being patronizing if Kenya's erstwhile leaders just left their mountain-sized egos outside the negotiating room and got their acts together already.

    Kenyan Bloggers Outline Political Solutions

  • They drifted into the control room and floated above the sensor-generated hologram of the “herd. ” The “herd” consisted of approximately 3,000 mountain-sized blocks of ice that once were comet 2P/Encke.

    365 tomorrows » 2006 » September : A New Free Flash Fiction SciFi Story Every Day

  • Over a planetary diameter away, another of its own is also rolling, mountain-sized elongated body throwing its vacuum wings wide, tenuous tissues of molecules as large as atmospheric clouds that shimmer delicately in the thin starlight.

    The Dreaming Void

  • Suppose there is a group of people who are committed to spending tax dollars on a mountain-sized monument to Zeus.

    On Theocracies « Whatever

  • A professor of mineralogy at Wits University described the mountain-sized meteorite - with a diameter of 10 kilometres - that crashed into the earth near Vredefort as the single greatest geological catastrophe yet uncovered on the planet.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • For the uninitiated: imagine balancing while moving your body, on a surfboard that's very quickly moving, on a mountain-sized mass of water that's moving unpredictably. - We asked, and here's what you said

  • The purpose of the $333 million mission was to make the most detailed study of a comet to date, striking the mountain-sized hunk of ice and rock, and creating a crater from which would spew some of the primal material that makes up its core.

    "Deep Impact" has "deep impact."

  • In the north, three mountain-sized brigands laid into one of Govinna™s most beautiful monuments, the Fountain of Falling Stars, with heavy sledges, smashing it to rubble in less than a minute.

    Chosen Of The Gods

  • Moll instinctively hunched down as a mountain-sized planetoid grazed overhead, shuddering as it impacted with another large asteroid, crushing a smaller boulder in between with a spray of energy sparks.

    The Best and The Brightest


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