much-neglected love


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  • Today I have been tending to my much-neglected internet 'empire'.

    The state that I am in

  • Nicholas Kristof offers a good column about the much-neglected unfolding humanitarian catastrophe in the Congo.

    Matthew Yglesias » War for Minerals

  • Compare it with Monreale Cathedral in Sicily, and you will see an engaging use of a much-neglected precedent.

    St. James, Lakewood, Ohio: Sicily Goes Midwest

  • This brash new gallery housed in a former Chinese medicine shop spreads some of the regeneration fervour gripping the old town to Margate's much-neglected high street, showcasing the best of the local art scene alongside owner Mark Downing's paintings and upcycled furniture.

    Top 10 art attractions in Margate

  • The photo is a scene from the much-neglected French movie “Alphaville,” which I would highly recommend to anyone interested in avant-garde cinema.

    An exclusive interview with The Public Eye : Law is Cool

  • A series of web ads from West Virginia Democrat Joe Manchin go after a much-neglected voting block: science fiction geeks.

    Manchin targets Star Wars/Austin Powers fan vote

  • This is the fault of our much-neglected school system as well as a MSM that exists mainly to sell us stuff and to emphasize emotion over reason.

    Teabaggers Mock A Mourning Grandmother. How Would You Describe Them

  • Maybe a novella — Josh Weil's stunning novella collection The New Valley has opened my eyes to the power of this much-neglected form.

    Celeste Ng: Writerly Resolutions for 2010

  • So we take money from the economy from greedy rich people, who just roll around in that cash on their four-poster featherbeds, and from evil corporations, who squander the money on nonsense like corporate golf outings, corporate jets, and equipment to make their silly little widgets, and then we put that money back into the economy, through programs like the Community Reinvestment Act, ACORN, and our much-neglected and profit-generating infrastructure.

    The GDP drops 6.1 percent.

  • Between settling into a new house, catching up on the much-neglected personal life, and working every spare moment on editing old articles -- this summer has flown by!

    Is That Legal?: Summertime (And The Livin' Ain't Easy)


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