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  • We left with a prescription for antibiotics and advice to load up on the mucinex.

    You ED folks have my admiration -- and my deepest sympathies.

  • If your coughing up stuff get mucinex and drink tea with honey in it.

    So now apparently I’m sick

  • I use mucinex to help clear out chest goo in combination with benedryl or sudafed to dry up the nose goo.

    I'm Giving It The Old College Try

  • If your sinuses are already stuffed with... uh... oatmeal : try some mucinex and/or some pseudoephedrine, and, of course, a lot of water.

    Knitting Heaven and Earth

  • Sudafed, mucinex, hot tea, and albuterol nebulizers didn't dent it much.

    Crawling out of the Valley of the Shadow of Raging Infection

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  • Dr gave me antibiotics and said take mucinex but it hasn't helped. New Blogs and RSS Feeds

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  • I always tell my clients to try Mucinex DM at night for a cough, or plain mucinex that will help thin the secretions and help you to expectorate.

  • IronTom: It took 20 minutes to get a bottle of mucinex D, and I had to sign a form and my drivers license had to be entered.

    Original Signal - Transmitting Buzz


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