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  • noun A flatboat or barge for the transportation of mud, generally used in connection with dredges.


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  • A man was one moment too late; but running along the gunwale of a mud-scow, and jumping into a skiff, he was put on board by a black fellow.

    The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 17, No. 100, February, 1866

  • But land-office was familiar before 1700, and side-walk, spelling-bee, bee-line, moss-back, crazy-quilt, mud-scow, stamping-ground and a hundred and one other such compounds were in daily use before the Revolution.

    Chapter 2. The Beginnings of American. 3. New Words of English Material

  • Their darn mud-scow mostly runs here, to Sachigo, and there ain't a thing along the way to interest Idepski -- but Sachigo.

    The Man in the Twilight

  • 'Th' threachrous foe, 'he says,' afther destroyin 'us, sought refuge behind a mud-scow,' he says; 'but nawthin' daunted us.

    Mr. Dooley in Peace and in War

  • Carrie Pitman; they called his boat a mud-scow, and accused him of dumping garbage to frighten the fish; they offered to tow him and charge it to his wife; and one audacious youth slipped up almost under the counter, smacked it with his open palm, and yelled: "Gid up, Buck!"

    Captains Courageous

  • "Gracious sakes, Betty! is that a mud-scow you came out in?" he asked, as he started to take my hand in his, which was brown with mud, and ended by rubbing his cheek in my palm.

    Over Paradise Ridge A Romance

  • Not the meanest mud-scow or harbour tug but would rather have a little mast and

    Doctor Claudius, A True Story

  • There was a big mud-scow lying by the side of the wharf, and I had got under that!

    A Jolly Fellowship

  • A Chinese junk (or what was intended to look like one, but really resembled a mud-scow), with a party of Mandarins, rich in fans, umbrellas, and pigtails, taking tea on board in a blaze of fantastic lanterns, delighted the children.

    Aunt Jo's Scrap-Bag, Vol. 5 Jimmy's Cruise in the Pinafore, Etc.

  • Among them are the gunboats, -- a cross between a floating fort, a dredging-machine, and a mud-scow.

    My Days and Nights on the Battle-Field


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