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  • n. A muddled or confused state or condition.


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  • Such a thing happened in Babylon once; there had been a Sargon in remote antiquity with great deeds to his credit; thousands of years after, another Sargon arose, who envied his fame; and, being a kind, and absolute, decreed that all the years intervening should never have existed -- merged his own in the personality of his remote predecessor, and so provided a good deal of muddlement for archaeologists to come.

    The Crest-Wave of Evolution A Course of Lectures in History, Given to the Graduates' Class in the Raja-Yoga College, Point Loma, in the College-Year 1918-19

  • Green cocoa-nut juice and rum mixed together are pleasant enough to drink, but they are better drunk separately; combined, not even the brain of an old sailor can make anything of them but mist and muddlement; that is to say, in the way of thought -- in the way of action they can make him do a lot.

    The Blue Lagoon: a romance

  • He learned to know all their strange and naïve humours, their ignorance and muddlement.

    Platform Monologues

  • Once achieved and installed it may always be trusted to make the poor seeker feel he would have blushed to the roots of his hair for failing of it; yet, how, as its virtue can be essentially but the virtue of the whole, the wayside traps set in the interest of muddlement and pleading but the cause of the moment, of the particular bit in itself, have to be kicked out of the path!

    The Ambassadors

  • Impossible to conceive two less dashing champions for a threatened race; and there is no doubt they were reduced to the extremity of muddlement and childish fear.

    A Footnote to History Eight Years of Trouble in Samoa

  • Science fiction writer H.G. Wells said at the time it gave "in one eddying concentration almost every possible foolishness, cliche, platitude, and muddlement about mechanical progress and progress in general served up with a sauce of sentimentality that is all its own."

    Arab Times Kuwait English Daily

  • "It may suit you to sit boozing at the Maid's Head, telling all you know and guessing much that you don't: here's wishing your early muddlement before you get on the subject of this wood!

    It Might Have Been The Story of the Gunpowder Plot


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