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  • n. A downhill movement of soft wet earth and debris, made fluid by rain or melted snow and often building up great speed.

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  • n. A type of landslide characterized by large flows of mud and water.
  • n. The dried-out product of such a flow. Also called mudslide, mudspate.


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  • He has insisted that the mudflow was a "natural disaster" triggered by an earthquake, and so far his boss, the president, has kept mum about Bakrie's involvement in the case.

    Jakarta Drifts

  • Included in the stockpile were mostly those gravels which the Company has identified as 'mudflow' as well as a limited amount of gravels that the Company considers normal 'pay' gravels gravels that the Company has identified as its main resource.

  • And while we'll certainly look forward to following the "mudflow" coming out of 1600


  • The government says the mudflow has finally slowed to 10,000 cubic meters of mud, water and gas a day, and that at that rate the enormous lake of mud contained by dikes is far more manageable.

    Indonesian Mud Volcano Marks 5 Years

  • Somewhere, you might want to bring in the Lusi mudflow in Indonesia.

    Oil spill: Even worse worst-case scenarios!

  • LOS ANGELES — A series of winter storms bearing down on California Saturday was threatening parts of the state with flooding, and officials were posting mudflow warnings in areas recently affected by wildfires ahead of this weekend's rains.

    Long, Wet Week Ahead

  • Rain was lighter than expected in Highland in San Bernardino County, where 50 homes remain evacuated after being swamped by a pre-Christmas mudflow and more than 100,000 sandbags had been used to build walls to keep more muck out of the community.

    New Storm Brings More Worries To Rain Saturated Areas

  • ~ Geologists witness unique volcanic mudflow in action in New Zealand -- "Volcanologist Sarah Fagents from the School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology SOEST at the University of Hawaii at Manoa had an amazing opportunity to study volcanic hazards first hand, when a volcanic mudflow broke through the banks of a volcanic lake at Mount Ruapehu in New Zealand."

    Speedlinking 7/13/07

  • Only instead of hot air, the device he held spewed forth a billowing cloud of supercooled liquid nitrogen, which instantly turned the leading edge of the mudflow into a solid crust that acted like a dam of sorts, funneling the rest of the oncoming mud off and over the outer edge of the ramp!

    Seven Deadly Wonders

  • Peruvians have been well acquainted with terrible landslides for thousands of years, and have words to distinguish different kinds of them: huaico is a mudslide containing large and small rocks, llapana a smooth mudflow.

    The Liquid Earth


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