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from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • Clement I, Saint. Known as "Clement of Rome.” Died c. A.D. 97. Pope (88-97) who was one of the Apostolic Fathers and the author of the First Epistle to the Corinthians (c. 96).


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  • Jessica: I have only seen one, and I thought I was worthy of that one ... mudlikesubstance: Loonsounds - be careful be very very careful that sounds lik ... omie: yes I am.

  • I think I can be a little manipulative to try ... omie: I am currently bossed by someone, just in exactly that way. ... mudlikesubstance: Jilly - get your friends to trade shopper cards with you.

  • Never read it, so lookin ... mudlikesubstance: Goddess - ebb and flow is the best description ever.

  • It always gets me ... mudlikesubstance: That just might be the polar opposite of the metrosexual.

  • Elsa: Sorry, I didn't see this question - had company last night ..... mudlikesubstance: Yup.

  • You mean there are people on this planet wearing ug ... mudlikesubstance: any and every third world country.

  • Becca: I have way too much Libra to make a decision and run with it ... mudlikesubstance: Sadiablo - rofl badda baddaa, yang yang ...

  • Elsa: "You know do you say to their human that they're dying and t ... mudlikesubstance: hey now, tapioca can be very sensitive especially when it's ...


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