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  • n. Anything used to muffle or wrap up.
  • n. A glove, generally without fingers but with a thumb; a mitten.
  • n. A wrapper or scarf for the throat, usually of wool or silk; a large silk handkerchief so used. Also muffle.
  • n. In mech., any device for deadening sound: usually a chamber or box for inclosing cog-wheels or other noisy parts of machinery, or steam - or air - valves in which the sound of escaping steam and air is desired to be muffied, as in the automatic air-valves of steam-radiators, etc. In the pianoforte the muffier is a device for deadening the tones, usually consisting of a strip of soft felt, which can be inserted between the hammers and the strings by pulling a stop or lever.


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  • The registrar shall include in the rules and regulations prepared by him under section thirty-one, rules and regulations providing for the periodic inspection of all motor vehicles and trailers, for the purpose of determining whether they are provided with the fol - lowing equipment maintained in good order, to wit: brakes, lights, horn, muffier, steering gear, windshield cleaner and number plates.

    Acts and resolves passed by the General Court


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