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  • n. A silkworm of Assam in British India, Antheræa assama, partially domesticated. Also, erroneously, munga.
  • n. A kind of silk, the production of the muga silkworm in India, especially in the hill-country on the northeast coast, where the plants grow upon which the worms feed.


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  • However, when Muga started with his "WHERE?", the name "muga" immediately turned into


  • Ueda argues that both the ego of the Cartesian cogito, as well as the non-ego (Sanskrit: anâtman; Japanese: muga) of Buddhism, must ultimately be comprehended on the basis of an understanding of the self as a repeated movement through a radical self-negation to a genuine self-affirmation.

    The Kyoto School

  • Production of muga silk, however, registered a negative growth of about 11.5% to reach 105 tonne, primarily due to disease and prolonged summer with high temperature and low humidity that impacted seed production and supply.

    The Financial Express

  • This is a question for muga or the dom, shayne sorry.


  • SHAYNE: actually it was a statement and i wondered how you felt. so a question as to what your thoguths where? yes it is intellectual and not really it. as this is ... personal to use a better word. thanks muga, shayne


  • When it was said "The Never and the Always are easier to handle", for muga it means that no one can point them out in a calendar, as can be done for 'Yesterday', 'Today', or 'Tomorrow', and ask for any thing to be delivered on time.


  • SHAYNE: yes i agree muga. and by the way there is no past, present or future or now. these are "things" the ego points to. non existant if not thought about.


  • SHAYNE: yeah i agree muga. they are already. an empty attribute just like morals. if the mind is not preoccupied with past present future or now we have this. just like when are minds are not preoccupied with jealousy, greed ect ... we have morals. nothingness is greater than somethingness. haha


  • As muga knows, no matter what illusion we try to master, framing and reframing it with our words doesn't make it go away.


  • On killing and such questionable things, if you do not claim enlightment, muga suggests you go by your common sense.



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