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  • n. Alternative spelling of mujahideen.

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  • n. a military force of Muslim guerilla warriors engaged in a jihad


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  • “The un having secret talks with the taliban?” why not, the bush family wooed them in texas and paid for them when they were called the mujahadeen

    Think Progress » National Tea Party Convention falls apart: Bachmann and Blackburn announce they are pulling out.

  • (BEGIN VIDEO CLIP) JILL CARROLL: There are a lot of lies that come out of American government calling the mujahadeen terrorists and other things.

    CNN Transcript Apr 3, 2006

  • Then, there are factions of the Armed Islamic Group of Algeria, the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, the Harakadel (ph) mujahadeen, which is fighting against India in Kashmir, Chechnyan militants who are fighting in Chechnya are affiliated, and groups in the Persian Gulf who are against royal families ruling regimes in the Persian Gulf states as well.

    CNN Transcript Sep 28, 2001

  • After all: ISI, the C.I.A., and Saudi and Egyptian intelligence operatives were all working together, in 1981, to funnel money and arms to the "mujahadeen" fighting the Soviets ... including the "Arab Afghans."

    Obama Campaign Explains College Trip To Pakistan

  • Islamic Jihad has published images showing its "mujahadeen,"

    Elder of Ziyon

  • But in the tape, al-Balawi says he went to the "mujahadeen" and told them about the plan to infiltrate al-Qaida. - Photown News

  • They often refer to themselves as "mujahadeen," which means holy warriors.


  • "mujahadeen" and told them about the plan to infiltrate al-Qaida. - Photown News

  • As Mr. Scheuer tells it, bin Laden set out to lure the U.S. into Afghanistan, where he and the other mujahadeen would inflict the same fate on us that they had inflicted on the Soviet Union.

    America's Most Wanted

  • In many ways, Bosnia was the birthplace of al-Qaeda's pan-Islamic strategy which, for the first time, united Shiite terrorists from Iran and Lebanon in a common effort with Sunni terrorists Bin Ladin had recruited from mujahadeen fighters in Afghanistan in the fight to oust the Soviet Army.

    George Bogdanich: Bin Ladin's Balkan Hosts -- A Missed Opportunity


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