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  • n. a Muslim engaging in jihad, especially armed jihad; a jihadist

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  • n. a Muslim engaged in what he considers to be a jihad


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Arabic مجاهد (mujáhid), active participle of جاهد (jāhada, "to wage holy war") (verbal noun: جهاد (jihād, "holy war as a religious duty")), from the root ج ه د (IPA: /dʒ-h-d/) (Other: j-h-d).


  • "I believe these warlords, drug dealers and corrupt people who take the name mujahid and general, these kinds of people are our enemy," he said at the time.

    Suicide Bomb Kills Kandahar Mayor

  • Hearing the word mujahid, Said Abdulmanam El-Ruweity came over and said: Not a mujahid!

    Libyan rebels seek more help against Gadhafi

  • The Taliban statement said the bomber in Wednesday's attack was a "mujahid" -- a holy warrior - News

  • A mujahid is a fundamentalist Muslim fighting what he considers to be a jihad, or “holy war,” literally “struggle.”

    The Right Word in the Right Place at the Right Time

  • M. DAOUD: And this is called a mujahid, a freedom fighter.

    CNN Transcript Nov 25, 2001

  • You should have seen the smile on Datuk Kamarul Bahrin's face to see a Chinese convert take to task a so-called mujahid of Islam.

    Lim Kit Siang

  • A Taliban spokesperson Mulla Zabihullah "mujahid" was speaking to media and claimed the responsibilty of the attack on presidential palace and other government builiding in Kabul.

    Kabul under attack

  • NBN reported the news of his funeral without any fanfare, and he was referred to as a "mujahid" not a "commander".

    Saturday, September 30, 2006

  • He has been quoted praising Osama bin Laden as a "mujahid", promising to send thousands of Brothers to fight in Gaza, and more.

    Latest Articles

  • For instance, far from objectively examining Islam, the government is now pushing to ban Arabic words connotative of Islamic ideology from formal analysis - such as "mujahid,"

    Israelated - English Israel blogs


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