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  • adj. Used for applying a mulch.
  • adj. Used as a mulch.
  • n. The act of preparing/applying a mulch.
  • v. Present participle of mulch.


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From mulch.


  • Psychokinetic disagreement can lead to brain mulching and other nastiness, as well as scaring the crap out of the mundanes.

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  • Patience - breakdown of mulch may take awhile help and I like the idea of mulching, but how should I get the material to decompose in our dry climate? - Articles related to Bread firm sees more 'dough' with P600M plant

  • Special preparation such as mulching, furrowing, or ridging may be required to facilitate early growth.

    Chapter 8

  • Finally, there are "mulching" mowers with blades that chop green grass clippings into tiny pieces and drops them below the mower where they are unnoticeable.

    Organic Gardener's Composting

  • In western Pennsylvania, where Pittsburgh also had one of its snowiest winters on record, most landscaping companies would usually be doing spring cleaning work, such as mulching flower beds or getting yards ready for graduation parties. Top Stories

  • And when gardening or treating your lawn, look for natural alternatives to chemical weed and bug killers and take preventative measures such as mulching for weeds and using traps, barriers, fabric row covers, or plant-based repellants to get rid of pests.


  • Techniques such as mulching to keep the soil covered and to prevent such a high-level of evaporation or balanced fertilisation are crucial.

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  • I've had a vegetable garden before, but I had a lot of help and I certainly did not mulch it -- and since I am so dumb that I mulched this darn garden by hand, the mulching was truly horrific (I have since purchased a hoe).

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • I worked like never before in my garden, cutting back my overabundant vines and unsculpted shrubs, redefining beds and edges, and mulching to the max.

    A Lesson Brought Home (The Boomer Blog)

  • At her Sydney farewell in 1990, she thanked Richard Bonynge – her husband, conductor and vocal trainer – for his "spadework", as if she were a shrub that required mulching.

    Dame Joan Sutherland: an appreciation


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