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  • adj. accessible to many


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  • The router priority, which is only used on multiaccess networks such as LANs.


  • The multiuser, multiaccess drill-down applications include purchasing, fl eet, and travel and entertainment line item viewing, standard and customized report - ing, transaction splitting into multiple accounts, cardholder transaction viewing, and allocation and supplier list management.

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  • Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) provides the solution in IPv4 networks: the client broadcasts the IP address of the desired destination, in a frame with his L2 address as the source; the destination hears it, and sends back an ARP reply with its MAC address. nonbroadcast multiaccess media such as frame relay and ATM, which may be set up as a hub-and-spoke arramgement, with only the hub available for broadcast.

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  • From September 22-28, join us for computer networks, a nonbroadcast multiaccess (NBMA) medium or transmission system is one to which more than two users can connect, but that does not support broadcasts to all participants, or Asynchronous Transfer Mode, which create bidirectional paths between a hub point and a group of spoke points.

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  • There are two types of multiaccess media: broadcast (or multicast) capable, in which a participant can send a message to all or part of the other participants, or to any single participant nonbroadcast multiple access (NBMA)), in which only one of the participants, or sometimes a small number, can transmit directly to one another.

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