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  • adj. Combining two or more independent cores into a single package composed of a single integrated circuit


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multi- +‎ core


  • The term multicore processor technology refers to a microprocessor architecture designed to contain a sequence of logical cores (CPUs) on one physical chip.

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  • One technology puts the core circuitry of multiple calculating engines on each piece of silicon, creating what are called multicore chips.

    Sun Micro Improves Servers' Performance

  • Indeed, as transistors have continued to shrink, rather than continuing to innovate, computer designers have simply adopted a so-called "multicore" approach, where multiple processors are added as more chip real estate became available.

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  • Another strategy is to package multiple processing units on the same chip, a technology called multicore computing.

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  • (PhysOrg. com) -- MIT researchers have developed software that makes computer simulations of physical systems run much more efficiently on so-called multicore chips. - latest science and technology news stories

  • Such novel chips are called multicore microprocessors-or sometimes many-core microprocessors when a large number of cores are involved-to distinguish them from traditional single-core designs.

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  • More calculating engines tend to boost computing performance, although software modifications are sometimes needed to exploit the full benefits of such "multicore" chips.

    AMD Plans Several New Chips

  • Supercomputers, which are used for chores ranging from weapons development to drug design, now typically use hundreds or thousands of "multicore" chips -- each with two to four calculating engines.

    Intel-Cray Alliance May Squeeze AMD

  • Semiconductor makers began squeezing the core circuitry of multiple microprocessors on each chip to produce what the industry calls "multicore" products.

    Racing to Gain Edge

  • The "multicore" approach, as those companies call it, doesn't speed up all programs equally.

    Big Computers, Big Changes?


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