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  • n. The hardy rose Rosa multiflora

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  • n. vigorously growing rose having clusters of numerous small flowers; used for hedges and as grafting stock


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From the New Latin species epithet multiflora ("many flowers")


  • Adding to its problems are invasive plants, such as multiflora rose, honeysuckle bush and autumn olive, that drive out the rabbits 'preferred cover and food, plus the increase in whitetail deer, which compete with the cottontail for food. local, state, business and sports news

  • I weed the woods, removing the garlic mustard and multiflora roses as religiously as the neighbors mow their patches.

    BOOK VIEW CAFE BLOG » Weird and Wonderful: Mowing the Lawn

  • Some people are actually out enjoying their lawns and their ticks and their multiflora roses.

    BOOK VIEW CAFE BLOG » Weird and Wonderful: Mowing the Lawn

  • Since I don't deadhead the climbers, I am blessed with assorted decorative rose hips in a great variety of sizes, shapes and colors from the tiny red pearls on Rosa multiflora to the bright orange babbles on "Mme Gregoire Staechelin."

    Suzy Bales: Roses as Climbers, Ramblers and Scramblers

  • In ravines and gallery forests species indicative of a south Guinean climate are present, with lianes very abundant, and species such as Raphia sudanica, Baissea multiflora, Nauclea latifolia, Dalbergia saxatilis, and Landolphia dulcis.

    Niokolo-Koba National Park, Senegal

  • Representative species are Pinus oocarpa (which crosses with P. caribaea where their distributions overlap, although belonging to subsections of different genera), Podocarpus guatemalensis and Quercus spp., and in still wetter areas there is a predominance of Pinus patula together with the palm Euterpe macrospadix and the arboreal ferns Alsophila myosuroides and Hemitelia multiflora.

    Belizian pine forests

  • Nowadays, your lawn's overrun with imports from elsewhere: rosa multiflora, Tree of Heaven, garlic mustard, and fifty species of bindweed.

    saving endangered species

  • The unchecked aggression of the multiflora rosa combined with the native brambles and century-old grapevines provide a woods of the haunted variety.

    Me and the Michigan Militia

  • She was often the first to venture out of the largest of the walnut trees where they made their home, the tree draped with wild grapes, multiflora roses, bittersweet, honeysuckle and poison ivy so heavily that it resembled a tall giantess with flowing scarves.

    The Sisters Squirrel « Fairegarden

  • Blooming not in spring, but rather July, this scadoxus multiflora is other worldly in its beauty.

    Pretties For You « Fairegarden


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