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  • n. condition of being able to speak several languages


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multilingual + -ism


  • Note that, to understand such situations, one has to forget the notion of multilingualism as mutual translation.

    On being linguistically defeated

  • EUOBSERVER / BRUSSELS - On the eve of the release of the European Commission's first-ever communication on mulitlingualism, a Dutch academic has called multilingualism "a pain in the neck" at an EU debate on the topic in Brussels. - Headline News

  • All we have seen so far is a rhetorical support for "multilingualism" which they have never bothered to unpack beyond the word itself.


  • For all his concern for economy, however, Stubb believes "multilingualism" is one of Empire's main assets: "The EU's language services, including both translation and interpretation, amount to only less than one percent of the total costs of the EU.

    A mindset betrayed

  • While admitting that there are many stumbling blocks in the implementation of a multilingual policy of which the negative attitudes to official multilingualism is arguably one of the crucial factors, Dr Ngubane said his Ministry was keen to join hands in the quest to eradicate the "multilingualism" is a problem "approach which was so abundantly evident in the reasoning of some people in our country.

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • Yet monolingual English-speakers also run the risk of being sidelined in a world of rising multilingualism.

    The English Is Coming!

  • The other young person worked as a museum tour guide in Addis Abbaba and we were amazed to learn that his newly completed Masters degree in education was one of the first to address multiculturalism and multilingualism in Ethiopian schools.

    February 2009

  • Increased crime, increased redistribution (both via wage effects as well as political effects), more quotas, more affirmative action, more ethnonationalism and separatism, multilingualism, etc.

    Borjas: What's His Problem?, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • We also need to get a grasp on our own fascinations and suspicions of massive multilingualism.

    Nataly Kelly: Adventures in Hyperpolyglottery: Inside the Mind of Extreme Language Learners

  • Thanks Jason, for that insight into multilingualism.

    T is for Translation « An A-Z of ELT


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