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  • adj. Involving multiple organs of the body.


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multi- +‎ organ


  • The latest termination recommendation was based upon the committee's observation of a greater frequency of overall mortality and multiorgan dysfunction in vaccine recipients, as well as V710 being unlikely to demonstrate a statistically significant clinical benefit compared with a placebo.

    Merck Ends Vaccine Study Over Safety Concerns

  • While the extraordinary multiorgan benefits of sardines and wild salmon almost sound like a fantasy, they are very real.

    Forever Young

  • In mice, if you remove all the regulatory T cells, what you see is a massive, multiorgan autoimmune disease.

    When the Body Attacks Itself

  • The medical examiner also said Bechler died of multiorgan failure caused by heatstroke. - Time for a change in world of sport, supplements

  • We looked at the colored bars showing the number of multiorgan transplants and the success rate.

    The Lake House

  • And what she's experiencing, from what we're told, is swelling in her whole body, and that can, unfortunately, lead to multiorgan failure, and that's what they're trying to prevent from happening.

    CNN Transcript Feb 21, 2003

  • (CAPS) is an episodic, diffuse thrombotic microangiopathy observed in less than 1% of patients with antiphospholipid antibodies and is characterized by vascular occlusions involving three or more organ systems. 1 Typically preceded by triggering events, such as infection, trauma, or surgery, CAPS culminates in multiorgan system failure and is fatal in half of those in whom it develops.

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  • AIRE protein, many tissue-specific self-antigens are not expressed in the thymus, and multiorgan autoimmunity develops because

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  • Irrespective of the underlying cause of shock, the treatment includes initial resuscitation with vasopressors, volume expansion (performed cautiously in patients with heart failure), and additional therapy for multiorgan system dysfunction, concomitantly with correction of the underlying

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  • Haemorrhage causes early deaths, and the associated hypovolaemic shock leads to secondary brain injury and contributes to late death from multiorgan failure. 1 Early management is focused on resuscitation and the diagnosis and treatment of life threatening

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