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  • n. A network facility providing fault tolerance and load-spreading for network interface cards, each interface being assigned a static "test" IP address for diagnostic purposes.


multipath +‎ -ing? (Wiktionary)


  • "TRILL has no limits -- people are talking about 100-way multipathing."

    Are new IETF switching, routing specs needed?

  • "Currently, Shortest Path Bridging is limited to a maximum of 16-way multipathing," Eastlake says.

    Are new IETF switching, routing specs needed?

  • Indeed, FCoE will take hold initially at the server access layer and as standards and characteristics of the technology mature -- such as the IETF TRILL (Transparent Interconnection of Lots of Links) standard for multihop and multipathing capabilities -- it is expected to be deployed deeper into the core of the data center networks to facilitate the construction of much larger converged fabrics.

    HP consolidates, protects data centers

  • Multipathing provides multipathing integration with EMC PowerPath.

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  • To do this, Cisco has brought a new data center interconnect solution called Cisco Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV), which has the goal of providing the performance of Layer 2 while still preserving most of the scalability, resiliency, multipathing, and failure-isolation characteristics of a Layer 3 connection.


  • ATTO's 4Gb/s Fibre Channel HBAs provide high performing SAN connectivity and robust multipathing and failover/failback functionality for EMC storage systems in Mac® OS X environments.

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  • "Our qualification of ATTO's Celerity 4Gb/s Fibre Channel host adapters and multipathing driver allows us to deliver a SAN connectivity solution to Mac OS X customers that keeps storage media and digital content available in real time for multiple users."

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  • The ATTO Celerity Fibre Channel Mac OS X multipathing solution provides load balancing and path failover for uninterrupted access to storage media to deliver a solution that meets both high-availability and high-performance requirements.

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  • "EMC's certification of our Fibre Channel host adapters and multipathing driver for Mac OS X reinforces ATTO's role in delivering leading storage infrastructure solutions," states Timothy Klein, president and CEO of ATTO Technology.

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  • This step was handled when you setup your iSCSI connections and multipathing.

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