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  • v. Present participle of multiplex.
  • n. The simultaneous transmission of multiple signals on the same channel


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  • Imposing several different channels on one cable-length is called multiplexing and, depending on the application, the various channels can either carry several different computer conversations simultaneously or can send several bits of one computer conversation in parallel, just as though there were a ribbon cable between the two participating computers.

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  • Called multiplexing, the technology could allow pathologists to conduct more than 50 different stains on a single tissue section.

  • While the M68k is a 32-bit processor, the version originally used in the Amiga, the 68000, has a 16-bit external data bus so it must transfer 32 bits of data in two consecutive steps, a technique called multiplexing -- all this is transparent to the software, which was 32-bit from the beginning.

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  • And they are optimized to support dense wave division multiplexing, which is what most carriers and enterprises are looking at to deploy.

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  • CNVs represent a large new opportunity that plays to the core strengths of the MassARRAY, namely multiplexing sensitivity and ability to quantify precisely. Home Page

  • Engineers are able to squeeze more information into a single cable by "multiplexing" up to 100 signals, each at a different frequency or color, on top of each other using a technique known as Wavelength Division Multiplexing. - latest science and technology news stories

  • As a result performance degradation which might occur from "multiplexing" the

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  • With CWDM, the emission wavelength stipulations are less strict than with dense multiplexing, meaning that it is easier to yield a high proportion of lasers emitting within the desired wavelength.

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  • Within multiplexing you can always find some free space, even during primetime.

    World's First Terrestrial 3D TV Service Starts in Italy

  • Adding a 2nd wave using wave division multiplexing to a cable pedestal or DSLAM, not a trivial expense by any means, but, greatly enhances capacity at a lower expense.

    How Neutral Should Wireless Networks Be?


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