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  • adj. Having, relating to, or being a system of multiple ports for injecting fuel separately into each cylinder of an engine.

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  • adj. Having multiple ports
  • n. A device having multiple ports


multi- +‎ port (Wiktionary)


  • · Added a small hack to choose the first port from a port list until the iptables 'multiport' match is supported.


  • Or rather, start by modifying the NetBSD and Linux kernels to allow any old multiport device to function like a "gadget".

    Snell-Pym » Why are networks so hard to build?

  • My 12-port D-Link rackmount switch died Saturday night, so now I need a new multiport Ethernet hub/router/switch to connect my multiple systems together, as well as to conveniently configure the extra Airport base station I'd like to set them up for seamless roaming between wireless zones, just because it's cool.

    Giger creepiness coming to NYC

  • "Smart" (coprocessor controlled) multiport communication adapters should be used when installing more than four ports.

    OS/2 Frequently Asked Questions List by Timothy F. Sipples

  • The multiport switch software allows routing of frames between inter - faces based on a table lookup.

    The KA9Q Internet Software Package by Bdale Garbee

  • The DirectPort universal PCI multiport serial cards are based on the PCI Local Bus Spec 2.3.

    ThomasNet News - Today's New Product News

  • The multiport DesignWare Universal DDR Memory Controller accepts memory access requests from up to 32 applicationside host ports, each of which can be configured independently to be synchronous or asynchronous to the controller clock.

    Aktuellste Pressemeldungen der PresseBox

  • Application areas include pulsed gas experiments for catalyst characterization, surface reaction and reduction studies, respiratory analysis, process control and, with high-speed rotating multiport valve, and spatial gas distribution measurement.

    D Mag - News

  • With its compact design, the rugged, industry standard IP 20 model is also compatible for mating with multiport 'harmonica'-style RJ 45 jacks.

    Electronicstalk - electronics industry news

  • Due to its compact design, the rugged, industry-standard IP 20 model is also suitable for multiport RJ 45 jacks.

    Electronicstalk - electronics industry news


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