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  • adj. Of or pertaining to more than one tenant.


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multi- +‎ tenant


  • With SaaS, there’s just one code base for the software, used by all customers, in what’s called a multitenant architecture.

    Archive 2008-09-01

  • Jive Express represents a third option in line with the "multitenant" SaaS model but offering a more secure environment through virtualization that creates a "single-tenant" deployment on the cloud, Morace said.

    Yahoo! News: Technology News

  • With cloud applications, you can automatically receive innovative new capabilities through the multitenant, single-code base solution with seamless upgrades when you want them -- no more long, resource-intensive and costly upgrade projects.

    The 31 Flavors Of The Cloud

  • But are these the right building blocks systems for the next generation of IT applications, especially when there is a high probability that these applications will be hosted in virtualized, multitenant cloud environments?

    Cloud Computing: Building Blocks for the Enterprise

  • If we look at true multitenant clouds, assuring enterprises of the presence of resource controls in shared platforms is desirable whether resources are plentiful or not.

    Cloud Computing: Building Blocks for the Enterprise

  • So yes, we do require QoS controls in our application infrastructures, regardless of the level of resource contention, when delivering services in multitenant environments.

    Cloud Computing: Building Blocks for the Enterprise

  • Is everything you have multitenant, or is it just the customer relationship management (CRM) piece? Working In A Cloud

  • But given the fact that we have a multitenant architecture, I don't have a different release schedule for internal use of our application from the rest of our customer base. Working In A Cloud

  • All of the Saleforce. com applications are multitenant. Working In A Cloud

  • In my "The Next Wave of SaaS," I pointed out that managing large, distributed collections of the same application could provide an alternative to the multitenant model.

    $10 Million Is The New $100 Million


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