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  • n. Common misspelling of multitude.


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  • That doesn't detract from the grave problems of hive mind/wisdom of crowds/social software is being invoked hither and yon, to excuse a multitide of authoritarian and even totalitarian sins.

    Feeling Crowded?

  • Well, there are a multitide of options out there; I couldn't possibly list them all here. News Rss Feed

  • I mean really, will you just look around at your world for a minute and ponder on the multitide of species that exists that you do know about?

    Alex Jones' Prison

  • For we are debters to mo then to princes, to witte, to the multitude of our brethren, of whome, no doubte a greate nomber haue here to fore offended by errour and ignorance, geuing their suffragies, consent and helpe to establishe women in their kingdomes and empires, The ignorant multitide hath set up the authoritie of women not knowinge the danger. not vnderstanding howe abominable, odious and detestable is all such vsurped authoritie in the presence of God.

    The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women.


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