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  • n. An electronic circuit used to implement a variety of simple two-state systems such as oscillators, timers, and flip-flops.


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multi- +‎ vibrator


  • We used to call that a multivibrator but its not decent these days.

    WSJ: House Energy report on the "mutual admiration society" « Climate Audit

  • The Vostok ice core data looks like the output from an astable multivibrator.

    A few inconvenient truths « Climate Audit

  • Also, this hadn't occurred to me until now, but this kind of machine could actually be used as a time delay, in the same manner as a monostable multivibrator.

    MAKE Magazine

  • Astable multivibrator lights LED from a single cell


  • The falling edge of the output pulse of the NAND gate triggers the monostable multivibrator to generate the first gate pulse of predefined gate width ...


  • - TW Circuit adds functions to a monostable multivibrator


  • If you are not getting a nice rectangular pulse here, you may need to add a 555 ic, configured as a "monostable" or "one shot" multivibrator. Forum

  • I remember being very proud of the 7404 astable multivibrator I built on perfboard for show and tell in 4th grade and completely mystified in my classmate’s incomprehension.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Worn Circuit Boards as Art — in Airports:

  • You can build a self-oscillating H bridge by replacing the pullup collector resistors of a classical BJT (bipolar-junction-transistor) astable multivibrator with PNP BJTs (



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