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  • adj. Resembling a mummy (embalmed corpse) or some aspect of one.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

mummy +‎ -like


  • She was content to just lie there, half in his lap, half on the ground, his hands holding her sides, her arms folded mummylike on her chest.

    Something Unpredictable

  • It had lost its mummylike wrapping and was clothed in flesh, or some doughy, putty-colored substance intended to imitate flesh.


  • It took a moment to spot Diana wrapped in overlapping bands of power and propped, mummylike, against the wall.

    Blood Lines

  • The Outsiders stayed away till their mummylike captain finished reading and helped himself to a spare lunch.

    The Dragon Never Sleeps

  • Gord cried, his hand going to his sword hilt The stuff of the ray seemed to have substance of Its own. and it congealed and formed to sheathe Poztif in a mummylike wrapping of color.

    Night Arrant

  • In fact, the occupant of the cage wore a mummylike cylinder of heavy rope that encased him from ankle to neck.

    The Moment Of The Magician

  • A procession of children was coming toward him - children wound in mummylike swatches of cloth down to their hips, the strips alternately red and white.

    Cities In Flight

  • This one, by the plasmoid standards of Luscious, was a regular monster, some twenty-five inches high; a gray, mummylike thing, dead and half rotted inside.


  • This month’s theme, “Self-Portrait” generated a lot of innovative results: my favorite would have to be the guy who wrapped himself up in red DANGER tape, mummylike, with his eyes peering through a slit at you.

    A tale of two cities | Seattle Metblogs


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