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  • n. Plural form of mundane.


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  • He, like many living among the "mundanes," is charmed by magic to appear fully human so as not to arouse panic and undue attention from a bipedal, talking wolf walking around the city.

    Getting Graphic: "Fables: Legends in Exile" by Bill Willingham

  • Many of his coworkers -- what the science fiction world called "mundanes" -- were aspiring writers who never managed to finish or submit stories.

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • They think and live in a different mindspace than "mundanes" and there is a communications gap and giant gaps in other areas as to goals, values, interests, approaches to the universe, assumptions....

    Making Light: Scholarly works to avoid citing at all costs

  • Along the way, and partially because the "mundanes," i.e., those who weren't science fiction fans, coöped the term and began mis-using it, it came to mean something different to hardcore fans of the genre.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • Science fiction fans call non-fans "mundanes," Martial artists believe in their hearts that their arts are superior.

    How Many Do You Know?

  • I don't want to close the field to 'mundanes'; I want to embrace them, to show them exactly why I think SFF is vital, important culture.

    Archive 2004-02-01

  • By inaccurately representing the law, and by using loading language, you are siding yourself with the "mundanes" who care less about the reality of the situation than they do about assuaging their own hysterical 'protect the children' impulses -- or at least, you are aiding their cause.

    Matthew Skala's home page (RSS)

  • What the "mundanes" think or would think about it (although the pressure on LJ seems to be coming less from "the average dude on the street" and more from "crazies on the internet" -- WFI, Perverted Justice, etc.) 3.

    Matthew Skala's home page (RSS)

  • I think that it's a day special to us furries, kind of a day on which we are given more permission than usual by the larger society to bring our insides out … and maybe have a few "mundanes" (non-furries) join us, if only for the day and evening.


  • Some common ground we share with the mundanes includes money, fame, space babes/hunks, and coolness factor.

    SF Tidbits for 2/3/09


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