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  • noun physics, chemistry an exotic atom formed when a positively charged muon (an anti-muon) and an electron are bound by their mutual electrical attraction; chemically equivalent to a light, short-lived isotope of hydrogen


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  • Indeed, it was not until 2040 that the unexpected and accidental manufacture of stable muonium-hydrogen 'compounds' had opened up a new chapter of human history - exactly as the discovery of the neutron had initiated the Atomic Age.

    2061 Odyssey Three

  • The second part is devoted to more practical studies, ranging from the characterisation of exotic interstellar molecules, the accurate determination of spectroscopic constants, excited states structures and EPR parameters through photochemical and charge-transfer processes, cluster chemistry and fullerenes, muonium chemistry, to the possible prediction of the response of materials to electric fields in view of nonlinear optical applications.



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