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  • n. A particular antibiotic applied topically


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  • Another way of prolonging the useful life of existing antibiotics, such as mupirocin, would be to use the existing antibiotic once only in an individual, and then use HT61 for treatment of relapses.

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  • It appears as honey-colored crusty lesions and can be treated with topical antibiotics like Bactroban (mupirocin—prescription-strength bacitracin) four times a day or oral antibiotics like amoxicillin-clavulanate (Augmentin) or erythromycin.

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  • When that test also came back positive, he prescribed a decolonization regimen: a weeklong course of Bactroban, an ointment containing the antibiotic mupirocin, dabbed into the nose.


  • MRSA has also been acquiring resistance to mupirocin Bactroban, the active ingredient in the ointment used to decolonize MRSA carriers.


  • Her surgeon referred her to an infectious-diseases consultant, who prescribed linezolid plus rifampin, mupirocin to decolonize her nose, and more painkillers.


  • After thirty-three days in the hospital, on IV antibiotics and mupirocin for decolonization, he was brought back to the Center.


  • These are the percentages: mupirocin 2% ointment (not cream): 15 grams betamethasone 0.1% ointment (not cream): 15 grams.

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  • Mad Professah had a MRSA skin infection himself way back in 2004 which was quickly cured with mupirocin creme and sulfa drugs but it was NOT a fun experience!

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  • The new strain is resistant to not only methicillin but also mupirocin, clindamycin and tetracylcine.

    The New Gay Plague Panic: MRSA

  • The toughest strain also now is resistant to mupirocin, a topical antibiotic drug used to clear MRSA from the skin surface and nostrils where the bug is known to colonize even people without an infection.

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