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  • n. A team sport resembling dodgeball in which players are eliminated ("murdered") by being struck with the ball.


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murder +‎ ball


  • If there is any sport at the Paralympics with the potential to cross over and become mainstream entertainment, it is "murderball" - the violent crashing and bashing of the gladiator ...

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  • A documentary about the world championships of what used to be called murderball and is now called quadriplegic rugby 1, full-contact rugby played by quadriplegics who use wheelchairs resembling the lower half of Daleks.

    [film] Murderball (ihsp)

  • I would like to watch murderball aka wheelchair rugby.

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  • Few women play the hard-hitting sport also known as "murderball," which was featured in an Oscar-nominated film of the same name in 2005.

    First British woman to play wheelchair rugby in Paralympics

  • Oh! also, saw your post re: paralympics and wondered if you'd seen "murderball"?


  • I didn't for example know that such a sport actually existedcharmingly called 'murderball' although there was no evidence that anyone had indeed been murdered during the sportbut turns out there is and it's fun to watch.

    Don't believe anyone-certainly not me

  • I know you guys aren't afraid of playing "murderball," but are your families worried about you reinjuring yourself at all?

    CNN Transcript Aug 3, 2005

  • Wheelchair rugby - or "murderball" as it's known to most fans - has its own welding shop in the Olympic Village to repair dents and busted chairs resulting from high-speed collisions.

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  • According to the CPSC numbers, watching “murderball” as detractors deem it could be more dangerous than playing it, since bleachers cause eight times as many injuries as the game itself.


  • Though SOME of those featured in the DOCUMENTARY murderball are incomplete para's, the remaineder of those on the court cannot be in order to keep within the team point limit each player is given a point value based on the rating of mobility, autonomic function and other issues - each team can only have so many points on the floor at any one time to keep the teams even.

    Blogging Against Disabilism: disabilism within disability


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