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  • noun any member of the Muroidea superfamily of rodents


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  • The host is the person in the white cap, the ghoda, and the malang in black his murid.

    Bawa with his Host « bollywoods most wanted photographerno1

  • The douc langur and the murid Maxomys moi are near endemics, whereas the northern smooth-tailed tree shrew (Dendrogale murina) is endemic (Table 1).

    Southeastern Indochina dry evergreen forests

  • A Paraguayan murid named Oryzomys wavrini was described in 1921, and was shown by Voss & Myers (1991) to be the same thing as Hesperomys simplex, the name currently used for this taxon being Pseudoryzomys simplex.

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  • -- Microakodontomys transitorius Hershkovitz, 1993, a Brazilian murid known from a single specimen (collected in 1986).

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  • -- Michoacan deer mouse Osgoodomys banderanus Hooper & Musser, 1964, a narrow-skulled Mexican murid described as a new species of Peromyscus but given its own genus (named after Osgood [see previous post: Osgood, Fuertes and mice that swim and mice that wade]) in 1980.

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  • New evidence concerning the extinction of the endemic murid Rattus macleari from Christmas Island, Indian Ocean.

    Christmas and Cocos Islands tropical forests

  • Three species-two squirrels and a murid rodent-with limited distributions are considered to be endemic to the ecoregion (Table 1).

    Eastern Himalayan subalpine conifer forests

  • South America is home to an endemic amphibious murid radiation, Ichthyomyini, that consists of five genera: three whose members are generally termed fish-eating rats (Ichthyomys, Antomys and Neusticomys), as well as Rheomys (the Central American water mice) and Chibchanomys (the Chibchan water mice).

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  • Sedikitnya 46 tentara tewas, 12 hilang dan 174 terluka, 50,000 orang mengungsi, 2 sekolah hancur, 13 murid tewas setelah pesawat tempur India menembaki garis perbatasan Pakistan.


  • -- Amphinectomys savamis Malygin et al., 1994, an amphibious Peruvian murid known from a single specimen collected in 1991.

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