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  • adv. In a murky way.

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adv. Darkly; gloomily.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • In a murky manner; darkly; gloomily.

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  • adv. unclearly; opaquely
  • adv. with a dim light


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murky +‎ -ly


  • And a very big part of their struggle is with the structure of power, and especially wealth, among Muslims because that is largely based on practices that are at best murkily understood even by professionals, and which are easily attacked by propagandists, e.g,, the World Bank causes poverty.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Politics of Terror

  • But even with Dustin Hoffman headlining the impeccable ensemble, as an ex-con murkily plotting his comeback from a plush hotel suite, the plot is as stubbornly slow-burning as Hoffman's sharply reined-in performance and ultimately far less inspired.

    Weekend TV in Review: Good Wife, Luck, Spartacus, Hallmark's Moon

  • Poorly cast and performed (including an embarrassing turn by Val Kilmer), XIII is shot so murkily and staged so badly, you can hardly tell where people are, let alone where they're going.

    'XIII' isn't unlucky, it's just bad

  • It was what should have been a bright summer day, but the smoke from the burning world filled the sky, through which the sun shone murkily, a dull and lifeless orb, blood-red and ominous.

    Page 6

  • Cyber-crime happens at all sorts of levels, of course, from the intimate matter of a thief hacking or conning their way into your bank account, to massive electronic heists from national or multinational institutions ... and it murkily shades into the territory of state-on-state attacks, which can be financial or physical.

    David Tereshchuk: Cyber Threats -- and Remedies -- Get Overdue Airing

  • The Tim Geithner-Larry Summers argument that the only politically realistic strategy is to bail out every institution that might be too big to fail, implicitly if murkily merging public and private balance sheets for the foreseeable future, has something to recommend it.

    Corzine Agonistes

  • Even if some of the worse stuff is murkily sourced, McChrystal will have to explain to the White House how it is that he created an atmosphere where people around him felt free to leak info that at best is insulting to the president.

    In McChrystal article, insults are mostly anonymous, but...

  • The result is 2. 5-D, a murkily virtual virtuality.

    Crash of 'The Titans'

  • The score, burbling and grunting murkily with various contrabass woodwind and brass, and spangling with the metallic additions of electric violin, guitar and keyboard, oscillates between styles and harmonies, from Shostakovich at his more benign towards the complex patter of Sondheim.

    Bliss; BBC Prom 61: Hänsel and Gretel

  • Having once done just that, here's what I recall, murkily: At 5: 47 A.M. I hear bam ... bam ... bam.

    Robert Rosenthal: Don't Turn Drinking Into a Responsibility


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