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  • noun biochemistry Any of a family of proteins that are RNA-binding factors
  • noun genetics Any of the genes associated with these proteins


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  • One is called muscleblind-like, "which is sopped up by the RNA repeats, causing problems," said Cooper.

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  • In this study scientists from the University of Rochester in New York found the blocking of a protein called "muscleblind" causes the characteristic hand stiffness.

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  • "muscleblind," thought to be a key factor in myotonic dystrophy.

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  • Most prominently, the transcribed CTG and CCTG repeats both bind muscleblind-like (MBNL) and CUGBP1/ETR-3-like factors (CELF) that are involved in alternative RNA splicing.

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  • Urbinati CR, Teng-Umnuay P, Stenberg MG, Byrne BJ, et al. (2000) Recruitment of human muscleblind proteins to (CUG) (n) expansions associated with myotonic dystrophy.

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  • Kanadia RN, Johnstone KA, Mankodi A, Lungu C, Thornton CA, et al. (2003) A muscleblind knockout model for myotonic dystrophy.

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  • Other researchers are looking at molecules that can prevent muscleblind-like protein from binding RNA in the nucleus.

    Baylor College of Medicine News

  • "In theory, if you could make that happen might you might actually make this disease go in reverse." molecule, succeeded in pulling apart the RNA and the muscleblind proteins.

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  • To test whether CUGexp RNA creates a global splicing defect, we compared the skeletal muscle of two mouse models of DM1, one expressing a CTG exp transgene and another homozygous for a defective muscleblind 1 (

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