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  • adj. Alternative form of muscled up.


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  • Ralph Fiennes's modern-dress Coriolanus boasts top-class performances, not least from its muscled-up, scar-spangled director in the lead, but it reaches clumsily for elusive modern significances.

    Berlin film festival – review

  • Suddenly, the muscled-up beach bully was getting sand kicked in his face on a weekly basis.

    Luke Donald's deft skills are saving the fairways from the brutes | Lawrence Donegan

  • That only muscled-up behemoths like the lads from UCLA need apply.

    Luke Donald's deft skills are saving the fairways from the brutes | Lawrence Donegan

  • Think of it as a battlefield filled with muscled-up, militarized intelligence operatives, hired-gun contractors doing military duty, and privatized “native” guard forces.

    Tom Engelhardt: The CIA Surges

  • With its decision, the three-judge panel handed a victory to broadcasters such as Fox, CBS and ABC, which had petitioned the court to challenge the agency's muscled-up approach of imposing steep fines for impromptu expletives and sexual content.

    Court rules against FCC policies on indecency

  • Mike Stern is probably best known for his work with the mid-'80s bands of Miles Davis and Jaco Pastorius, but he's built an impressive catalog of recordings, from last year's muscled-up "Big Neighborhood" with Steve Vai, Eric Johnson and others back to the 1992 release "Standards."

    An Infusion of Fusion to Start 2011

  • “I can just see myself strolling the beach and catching a fine-ass, all muscled-up Caribbean brother.”

    Dirtier Than Ever

  • These “wisdoms”—usually some form of esoteric paganism muscled-up with pseudo-scientific jargon—these wisdoms tend to provide the weak ego with a boost of faux confidence and leads the newly self-minted guru to exalt him or herself.

    Archive 2009-01-25

  • But a recent study of Taiwanese men found that they are more comfortable with their appearance than men in Western countries, who, when asked to pick the male body type they think women find most attractive, tend to select one that is about twenty pounds more muscled-up than they perceive their own to be.

    Primary Sources

  • Now he's trying to look like me, only in a more muscled-up and less heterosexual kind of way.

    Jon Ive keeps copying my look


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