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  • adj. Lacking muscle tissue.
  • adj. Feeble, weak, lacking strength or power.


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From muscle +‎ -less


  • As a result, they were ending up flabby and unpleasant to eat: "I put muscleless, fiberless, tranquilized beef," he wrote, "in the same category with spoon vittles."

    The American Way of Beef

  • (Then again, a boneless, toothless, muscleless thing with a grudge could be pretty creepy, in that irrational way a lot of folks freak out around moths.)

    Davis Sweet: Anti-Terrorism Cha-ching

  • And they feel far safer, far happier, taking the flabby, muscleless arm of Expediency than in venturing into unknown difficulties behind the uncompromisingly stiff figure of Principle.

    Memoir and Letters of Francis W. Newman

  • Also, his sleeves were pulled back in a puff around his shoulders, although he had long, light yellow gloves over his fat and muscleless arms.


  • His latitudinally and longitudinally prodigious body was all muscleless fat.


  • "You know something about anatomy, picking a muscleless spot," scolded Hall.

    Chapter 7

  • For the rest, he creaks aloud in cheap patent leather shoes and dubious white socks – ineffectual covering for a gratuitous display of muscleless leg, surmounted by folds of loose white drapery and a rusty black coat.

    Love and Life Behind the Purdah

  • As they came near, even Marcia could note the sleek, soft look of the men, and their listless, muscleless gait; while their leader's hair and person literally reeked with perfumes.

    The Lion's Brood

  • Bettman went on to tell the committee that substances that make one stronger or recover faster from injuries have little use for the average hockey player, who is a muscleless, uninjurable athlete: "Indeed, while our historical experience indicates that performance-enhancing drugs are not a problem in the NHL, we nevertheless agree that the public at large and our fans in particular are entitled to have confidence that our games are being played in an environment free of performance-enhancing substances."

    Archive 2008-02-01

  • I may look thin-ish, seated, from desk-height up with my muscleless arms, but I have fallen victim to something called Bloggerass 2.0, which was fka EverSpread, because even B.B. that’s “Before Blogging” for the laypeople I had a double-wide from sitting on my marketing butt all day long.

    Monsieur Marcel - Korean-French Women DO Get Fat


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