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  • n. Plural form of muscleman.


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  • Through the years, all the big-name musclemen — from Sandow and Saxon to Reeves, Reg Park, and Arnold — used overhead pressing.

    The Overhead Press: Bodybuilding's Forgotten Muscle Builder by Chris Colucci

  • But instead of treating the fit as a disease, "musclemen" professors are wont to represent it as a state of health, and to let their disciples run about in middle age with the measles on them as strong as ever.

    Tom Brown at Oxford

  • "musclemen," as distinguished from muscular Christians; the only point in common between the two being, that both hold it to be a good thing to have strong and well-exercised bodies, ready to be put at the shortest notice to any work of which bodies are capable, and to do it well.

    Tom Brown at Oxford

  • For most people, the appeal of pro wrestling is a mystery or is written off as something for kids, rural folks not smart enough to realize wrestling is fake, and guys dealing with the fact that they enjoy watching oiled up musclemen in tights grabbing each other.

    Jonathan Kim: Why I Still Love Pro Wrestling and Will Miss "Macho Man" Randy Savage

  • Well, I've been noticing game characters 'implausible clothes for ages -- none of the FFVII crew bundled up at the Icicle Inn, Solid Snake didn't mind lying belly-down in the snow at Shadow Moses and I've watched shirtless musclemen brave the elements for over a decade with nothing more than a chuckle and "that's video games for you."

    Exposing Lara's... Equanimity?

  • His industry is dominated by oiled-up musclemen like Hulk Hogan and The Rock -- yet he became a worldwide celebrity wearing a tattered red flannel shirt and pulling a sock puppet from his pants.

    Jason Pinter: Authors Mick Foley And Jason Pinter Talk Politics, Philanthropy And Barbed Wire

  • There's also the premiere of a new film, "De Lama Lamina" ( "From Mud, a Blade" in Portuguese), documenting Barney's participation in a Brazilian carnival parade, but it's a very minor piece, of interest only to those who have a weakness for naked musclemen suspended under tractors.

    Movies: Matthew Barney's 'Cremaster Cycle' comes to E Street Cinema

  • In keeping with classical physics, there are also some thought experiments, drawn as people in space or superhero-like musclemen.

    The Manga Guide to Physics » Manga Worth Reading

  • If only Austrian musclemen were this funny in real life!

    WATCH: Entire 'McBain' Movie Hidden In 'Simpsons' Episodes

  • These were the terrifying drug cartel musclemen, the men who prefaced hits with unimaginable tortures, offed whole innocent families, and killed by gruesome beheadings and acid baths.

    Silver Zombie


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