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  • adj. comparative form of mushy: more mushy


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  • Kristof laments the possibility of "mushier" indictments of key Bush Administration officials including Karl Rove and Scooter Libby and calls instead for discretion and fairness, hoping that Patrick Fitzgerald doesn't demonstrate the level of prosecutorial zealotry that Kenneth Starr was guilty of in his witchhunt of the Clintons for much of the 1990's.

    Fantasies of an Honest Opponent Hinder Liberal Response to Republican Machine

  • He seems to be echoing one of the latest GOP talking points that Fitzgerald should only indict on the original charge of a possible criminal breach of the 1982 law prohibiting the revealing CIA agents 'identities rather than on the "mushier" kinds of indictments for perjury, obstruction of justice or revealing classified information ...

    Fantasies of an Honest Opponent Hinder Liberal Response to Republican Machine

  • Therefore, they claim, the "mushier" charges of perjury, falsifying statements, and obstruction are essentially baseless.

    The GOP on PlameGate: Deny, Rationalize, Change

  • So it's a little distressing that my kids are growing up with a mushier sense of accountability about parental money -- no doubt because we have more of it and are just too worn down and too forgetful to push the issue.

    When a Child 'Forgets' to Give You Change

  • Hulu desktop client now keeps my brain even mushier

    ABC joins Hulu lineup

  • Minus: It's on the loud side, and the ice cream came out mushier than most.

    WSJ Test Kitchen: Ice Cream Makers

  • Then, and only then, is it time for the pastry – but 15 minutes on the hob, and 45 minutes in the oven renders the fruit rather mushier than might be considered desirable.

    How to cook perfect tarte tatin

  • The farther you go into science, the mushier the ground gets.


  • Mine did turn out a little mushier than yours and stuck to the cupcake wrappers too much so I too will try adjusting temp or baking time the next time I make them.

    Impossible Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes | Baking Bites

  • I also try using rice that's cooled, but not fridge cold, and, although the difference isn't huge, it does seem slightly mushier.

    How to cook perfect egg fried rice


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