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  • adj. Having the form or characteristics of a mushroom


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

mushroom +‎ -like


  • A few darker boulders poked mushroomlike heads above the uneven lawn.

    A Corridor in the Asylum

  • Most weeks I remember to leave a white cooler out for the Dairy Fairy's use, but on those rare occasions when I forget, a magical light Styrofoam container springs up mushroomlike from the concrete to safeguard our precious dairy treasures.

    Mythical figures and other childhood illusions

  • In his largest project to date, Mr. Mayer H. is redeveloping a major square in Seville with a network of enormous, mushroomlike structures.

    Architects Who Add Sex Appeal

  • A new study finds that virtual colonoscopy, a method that uses a C.T. scanner for colon cancer screening, can be just as effective as traditional colonoscopy in finding polyps, the mushroomlike growths from which most cancers arise.


  • As they were packing up their gear, wordless with fatigue, Hasa noticed a small fist-sized herbivore attacking a clump of mushroomlike basidiocarps growing on a fallen log just outside their resting place.

    Drowning World

  • Instead he told his wife and together they saw, at the front of the house, a cone-shaped object with a top that was mushroomlike in appearance.

    Space Ships of the Visitors

  • There remains now only the hygienic task of clearing up a misconception about this novel which has grown mushroomlike beside it, and threat-ens at times almost to replace it.

    Fitzgerald's 'Radiant World'

  • Shivetya sustains his guests and allies by exuding large, mushroomlike growths of manna.

    Soldiers Live

  • Yet he would point out to Milly appreciatively on their Sunday walks the acres of new building growing mushroomlike from the sandy soil, with the miles of tangled railroad tracks, the forest of smoking chimneys, and the ever widening canopy of black smoke.

    One Woman's Life

  • But it was the subtle addition of periwinkles, the sea snails with an almost mushroomlike chew, that added a surprising brininess to the dish. - Latest Videos


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