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  • n. Alternative spelling of muskrat.


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  • Despite Mudge's insistence that both victims were still alive and breathing, the musk-rat felt very dead to the worried Jon-Tom.

    A Corridor in the Asylum

  • We ascend the lofty peaks of the Cordillera and we find an alpine species of bizcacha; we look to the waters, and we do not find the beaver or musk-rat, but the coypu and capybara, rodents of the American type.


  • You might be hospitable and ask me to supper, musk-rat!

    Nature & Environment

  • Perhaps they know something about me that I do not know of myself yet; and so may the musk-rat, as he hurries through the water with a little green branch in his mouth which will make a salad for his supper.

    Nature & Environment

  • Darzee, the tailor-bird, helped him, and Chuchundra, the musk-rat, who never comes out into the middle of the floor, but always creeps round by the wall, gave him advice; but Rikki-tikki-tavi did the real fighting.

    The Greatest Survival Stories Ever Told

  • Rikki-tikki was too well bred to bite or scratch, but as soon as Teddy was asleep he went off for his nightly walk round the house, and in the dark he ran up against Chuchundra, the musk-rat, creeping round by the wall.

    The Greatest Survival Stories Ever Told

  • He was glad not to meet Jack (who had been and gone); but he was not a little disappointed about the musk-rat.

    Baby Pitcher's Trials Little Pitcher Stories

  • As he raised the musk-rat tenderly by the long, bare tail, his heart swelled in his breast.

    Baby Pitcher's Trials Little Pitcher Stories

  • Bertie could hardly believe his eyes, for they rested on the biggest musk-rat he had ever seen.

    Baby Pitcher's Trials Little Pitcher Stories

  • Bertie was delighted; and though the musk-rat was a large one, his eyes magnified it to such a degree that it looked three times as large as it really was.

    Baby Pitcher's Trials Little Pitcher Stories


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