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  • adj. superlative form of musty: most musty.


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  • Again Jansen played the mustiest of numbers with a remarkable freshness.

    One horse town

  • But as regards precedence, the observance of the forms and rites of office management, our 'revolutionariness' often gives way to the mustiest routine ...

    ANC Today

  • In the earliest and mustiest volume of the Havenpool marriage registers (said the thin-faced gentleman) this entry may still be read by any one curious enough to decipher the crabbed handwriting of the date.

    A Changed Man

  • LAMB: Where would you go if you were going to stand in the spot where you found it to be just the worst, the dirtiest and the mustiest and where you just said, "I can't take anymore of this," or whatever your reaction was?

    The Ends of the Earth: A Journey at the Dawn of the 21st Century

  • To estimate the accuracy of its technical details the critic must be a secret service specialist, the mustiest of bookworms and a highly-trained expert in the science and language of the American advertising business.

    Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 159, 1920-07-28

  • Incidentally, he was a hard rider to hounds, a good boxer, and a man who carried a fresh-air flavour into the mustiest law chambers.

    The Land of Mist

  • A little more, and they would have ascribed to her the tastes of the mustiest symbolists -- and one knows how far from pleasing are those Muses 'robes, how odious the yellow bandeaux above faces expressionless as eggs.

    Barks and Purrs

  • Gothic oriel which will always be golden and luminous with love and will always send the last shadow scurrying away from the mustiest corner of my tower of life.

    The Prairie Child

  • The most famous picture galleries of Europe are hung with "celebrated rubbish"; the immemorial Mosque of St. Sophia is the "mustiest barn in heathendom"; the Sea of Gallilee is nothing to Lake Tahoe.

    Twain, Mark: Selected Obituaries

  • Was he not the idol of a select group who admired not only one another but also the satanism of Baudelaire, the hieratic obscenities of Beardsley, the mustiest Persian sage, the modernest American ballad-monger?

    South Wind


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