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  • v. Present participle of mutate.
  • adj. Causing or tending to cause mutation.
  • adj. Having the ability to make changes to data other than its makeup.


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  • The UK government, along with every other government worldwide (except Japan) has introduced no special measures for dealing with people arriving from Mexico despite the fact that the government's own Pandemic Flu procedures (based on Avian flu H5N1 mutating from the far east) say that travel restrictions and screenings of incoming flights should be introduced immediately to stop the spread of pandemic flu to this country.

    Archive 2009-04-01

  • The process of culling, replicating, and mutating is then repeated until an acceptably good design solution results.

    2008 November - Telic Thoughts

  • But as soon as you call a mutating method, you'd better get all of those pending non-mutating calls taken care of before you proceed with the mutating call.

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  • He's a psychopath, and he's in love with the idea of mutating into a Hulking supersoldier, and so he keeps on cat-and-mousing with Banner throughout the whole movie -- well, at least up till that final half hour -- as Banner searches for a cure and Blonsky searches for his own kind of twisted, gamma-irradiated anti-redemption ...

  • To me this means autoboxing such that you can call a mutating sub with a constant.

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  • Old Power facility that had a Gamma lab, Banners' cells start mutating, meaning the Hulk will return sooner rather than later

    Marvel Database - Recent changes [en]

  • In contrast, tumor cells resist chemotherapy by cell-intrinsic mechanisms such as mutating the gene targeted by the drug, or changing how the tumor takes up or expels the drug. - latest science and technology news stories

  • CORB v2. 0, a kind of mutating condominium made from shipping containers


  • Professor Rogers, many share the worries implied by the "mutating" state of this war, especially with Pakistan also now at its center.

    open Democracy News Analysis - Comments

  • These maps have been done for many different types of tumors, and they always end up disappointing from the point of view of practical advances, and for a simple reason: Cancer turns out not to be a matter of a few clearly identifiable genes going bonkers ( "mutating"), but rather involves misbehavior of dozens or even hundreds of genes out of rogue's gallery of as many as thousands of genes.

    Fast Company


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