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  • noun Plural form of mutex.


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  • There are many primitives that can be used for this, such as critical sections, mutexes, reader-writer locks, etc.

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  • Percona Patches (5.0) focus on statistics/monitoring performance/scalability buffer pool content/mutexes microslow patch

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  • Java, you cannot lock random mutexes in Occam (which doesn't have mutexes),

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  • Critical sections on Windows, pthread-mutexes on Linux.

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  • InnoDB 1.1 is instrumented for the first time for Performance Schema monitoring, with statistics available for InnoDB-specific mutexes, rw-locks, threads, and I/O operations.

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  • In includes performance improvements with Maria temporary tables, removal of mutexes and the aim of removing compiler errors is being achieved quite well!

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  • This is a catalog of things UNIX-like/POSIX-compliant operating systems can do atomically, making them useful as building blocks for thread-safe and multi-process-safe programs without mutexes or read/write locks.

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  • (For those of you who are not yet experts on InnoDB performance, mutexes are in-memory structures that prevent different threads from interfering with each others 'changes to important memory areas like the buffer pool.)

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  • · Synchronization is provided by semaphores, mutexes, rwlocks and condition variables.

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  • The benchmark used here is dbStress. dbStress uses a number of tables which spreads the impact of mutexes and improves scalability.

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