muzzle-loading love


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  • adj. Describing a gun in which the ammunition is loaded at the front of the barrel

from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • adj. Receiving its charge through the muzzle.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Made to be loaded at the muzzle: said of a gun.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adj. (of firearms) taking the projectile or cartridge through the muzzle


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  • For example, the founding fathers clearly intended for Americans to be free to carry muzzle-loading powder-and-ball muskets and personal swords to militia meetings.

    Analysis: Sotomayor quietly prepares for high court confirmation hearings

  • A rabbit-skin sleeping-robe, a muzzle-loading rifle, and a few pounds of sun-dried salmon constituted his outfit.


  • References to seventeenth-century muzzle-loading musketry â¨technology become in Suskind's retelling references to twenty-first century â¨pornography.

    Brad DeLong: Review: Ron Suskind's Confidence Men

  • If we are getting into those types of specifics (without applying reasonable judgement in a modern context), couldn't it be argued that the founding fathers were referring to the right to bear single-shot, muzzle-loading long rifles?

    Obama Administration Looks To Reinstate Assault-Weapons Ban

  • When the founding fathers wrote that, as the states must maintain a militia, the right of the people to bear arms must not be abridged, the obviously meant that any American had the right to own and carry a muzzle-loading, ball-and-powder flintlock rifle or pistol.

    NRA opposes Sotomayor nomination to Supreme Court

  • When the Second Amendment was drafted the firearms were pretty much limited to single-shot, muzzle-loading pistols, rifles and muskets.

    Gun rights advocates rally in Washington, Virginia

  • I guess following Justice Scalia's interpretetation that means that every American has the right to keep and bear any single-shot, muzzle-loading firearm of their choice.

    Gun rights advocates rally in Washington, Virginia

  • So, in December, we'll be muzzle-loading early and late, and bird hunting in mid-day.

    More Young Guns

  • Like training and proficiency, the state of repair and maintenance is difficult to quantify, and the subject is often simply ignored: the complex mechanisms of modern warfare are treated like the muzzle-loading cast iron guns of the eighteenth century.


  • Bowhunting is ruined by that damned compound bow crap and metal broadheads. .and muzzle-loading ain't muzzle-loading if'n the powder is in a pellet and a Win 209 sets it off ... and don't even get me started on sabot projectiles (damn French words and all) ....

    The Great Overbore Conundrum


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