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  • n. One who or that which muzzles.
  • n. A pickpocket working individually, apart from his normal gang.
  • n. A wind from intended direction of the vessel.

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  • n. someone who muzzles animals


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muzzle +‎ -er


  • Whether there be any truth in the mariners 'yarn, that the presence of porpoises generally indicates a change in the wind, I will leave for you to form your own opinion; but certain it was, that on the present occasion, the wind did change, and to a "muzzler" illustrating in the most practical manner that our ship could be just as lively on occasion as other pieces of naval architecture.

    In Eastern Seas Or, the Commission of H.M.S. 'Iron Duke,' flag-ship in China, 1878-83

  • The bow season starts in Setember, there is a youth hunt in October, anterless hunt in select units in October, then the 9 day gun season then we have the muzzler loader season for the next 7 days.

    Wisconsin Hunters Debate 16-Day Deer Season PLUS More Whitetail Headlines

  • Update - if there was any reason to oppose this law then the fact that barking mad police chief constable Richard Brunstrom, muzzler of policedogs, druid and user of dead photos is in favour of it:

    New Labour racism: £900 fine on foreign drivers

  • Now she ` s recruited "Heroes" star Hayden Panettiere to pitch a product that would make Hannibal Lecter proud - the muzzler.

    CNN Transcript Oct 3, 2008

  • Having acknowledged the activities of your organization in favor of the struggle of the Brazilian people for liberation, and convinced of the important role played by CARIB on the road to our independence, we come to ask for your valuable solidarity in the organization of the defense of two more victims of the military dictatorship, usurper of power and muzzler of our peoples 'liberties.

    Crime in Brazil

  • "We are going to have a regular muzzler, Washburn," I said, after glancing at the barometer again.

    Up the River or, Yachting on the Mississippi

  • Having passed through the channel between the islands, the weather there proved to be a perfect muzzler.

    All Adrift or The Goldwing Club

  • "This is a regular muzzler, Pelham," said Shuffles, in the afternoon, as they were holding on at the life-lines in the waist.

    Outward Bound Or, Young America Afloat

  • "I'm the reverse of a muzzler," he said, "but I personally feel that the license the British tabloid press has used to expropriate the right to privacy is a scandal that weak governments have allowed to continue for too long."

    NYT > Home Page

  • we need more of "mufti muzzler" comedy in times like this, rather than what passes for "comedy" on radio 4.

    Britain Must be Ready for Further Attacks


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