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  • I had him cut my hair very short, into a pixie cutvery Mia Farrow.


  • I had been away at an acting workshop in Vermont, and the first place I went when I got back to Los Angeles was to my hair stylist Jonathan Antin.


  • Even though the gun was gone, even though Trey Prescott and Gage Coolidge were holding her back, she had made one final lunge, intent on strangling me or clawing my hair outhurting me in whatever way possible.

    Paradise Lost

  • I could feel that my hair was staticking out, but I didnt care.


  • “Sort of like the first time I came home with my hair dyed black and my big-heeled boots.”

    She’s Got the Beat

  • I could only imagine what my hair was doingprobably being greasy and knotted and frizzed.


  • I stood between Vienna and Rose that night, dressed in my basic black skirt and a black ballet-neck T-shirt, my hair pulled back from my face.


  • One time, in fifth grade, a kid named Alan Raskowitz pulled out a chunk of my hair during art class, because he thought it was funny, so I beat him to a pulp.


  • I did experiment with my hair while doing Dancing with the Starsit was fun to change my hair so it looked appropriate for the dance and I learned that I love having my hair slicked back in a bun.


  • They were the perfect opportunity to play extreme dress-up, so in 1997 during my Melrose Place stint, when I was a presenter at the American Music Awards, I teased my hair really wildtoo wildand wore a yellow gown cut all the way up to my armpit, with only a tiny little string holding it together at the hip.



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