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  • I tried to push from my mind the image of Rita Mae, unmoving and limp.

    Keep Sweet

  • Crazily, my mind picked that moment to notice that Roz was actually smaller than me, shorter, more compact.

    Claim to Fame

  • Pictures of flapping canvas and piles of earth, of cold water and old brown bones flashed through my mind before coalescing into a single image of James Jessop receding into the hidden reaches of the forest, where an unseen woman in a summer dress waited to take him away.

    The Killing Kind

  • I asked her in my mind what her name was, and what popped in was the name Sophia.

    The Sacred Promise

  • I tried to think of what could have happened to Dad, put the puzzle pieces together, but couldn't focus; my mind drifted fromhowit all happened, to simplythatit had happened.

    Change Me Into Zeus’s Daughter

  • It was very cold out, a real February night, and whenever I was over there, like that night, I would try to come up with some pun in my mind about the Gowanus Canal, because the word ‘anus’ is in Gowanus and the word ‘anal’ is in Canal, and because the Gowanus smells.

    The Double Life is Twice as Good

  • And, for a swift-passing moment, the thought crosses my mind that I love him more than anything in any world.


  • In the back of my mind I knew I looked like Anthony Michael Hall, but I fancied myself as the Judd Nelson character, John Bender.

    Dont You Forget About Me

  • While Alice was explaining this to me on the phone, the thought crossed my mind that Susy had revealed a potential new proof-of-concept research paradigm.

    The Sacred Promise

  • “Remember this,” a silly thought raced through my mind as Gennadii was lowering his face to my breasts, “this is what men want.”

    A Mountain of Crumbs


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  • Waaay out in the water, I saw it swimming.

    July 15, 2008